Lee Jones

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Phone : +44 (0) 151 513 9779
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Lee began his career as a geologist working offshore in a variety of European and African locations.  After his Masters in Operational Research at the London School of Economics, Lee became a government scientist specialising in the application of simulation in support of Army, Navy and Air force studies.  On moving to a private company, Lee continued to diversify and developed a skill in System Dynamics modelling having undertaken formal training at the Royal Military College.  His models included in-depth analysis of peace keeping operations in Bosnia and detailed post-operations modelling of the Gulf War of 1991.  On becoming a Director of the company, Lee helped develop the non-Government business group culminating in the creation of a new company operating completely within the commercial environment.

Lee is co-founder and owner of Ventana Systems UK and works with business and government in North America and Europe, supporting strategy development and policy making, and provides workshops in Vensim and System Dynamics in the United Kingdom. Lee is a Policy Council member of the UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society.



  • Understanding technology transition in passenger vehicle and light-duty fleet in Europe
  • Markets for automotive consumables in Europe


  • Drug product production process models for cycle time and inventory reduction
  • Strategic planning model to help understand interrelationships within the organisation
  • Organisational redesign – feasibility study of site relocation and impact of lean manufacturing operations
  • Drug Product development life-cycle study – evaluation of key resource, training and technology experience requirements impacts on costs and profitability
  • Evaluation of new facility performance
  • Modelling in support of marketing strategy


  • Simulation of the impact of e-business on retail banking in the United States
  • Credit union simulation model interface


  • Study of e-advertising impact on a major US Newspaper’s career advertising pages

Manufacturing & Logistics

  • InCoCo project – Innovation, cooperation and coordination in services to European manufacturing


  • Simulation of a petrochemical related industry to analyse price trends
  • Petrochemical process model for waste reduction strategies


  • Construction industry major project model


  • Future National Air Space modelling for analysis of technology impact on capacity


  • Pork industry vertical integration model

Law & Order

  • Resource modelling for uniformed police officers


  • Simulation of peacekeeping operations in Bosnia
  • Land forces combat, logistics and command & control models
  • Air forces combat, logistics and command & control models
  • Maritime forces combat, logistics and command & control models
  • Equipment support – life cycle costing model for UK armed forces equipment
  • Attack helicopter simulation
  • Maritime interdiction training simulation
  • Amphibious warfare simulation
  • Future artillery study model
  • Naval frigate command & control and weapons simulation
  • Air station maintenance operations model
  • Furture support helicopter options model
  • Special forces transport options


  • Provision of System Dynamics (SD) training
  • Provision of technical advice and quality assurance of simulation models