is the formulation of this model correct?

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is the formulation of this model correct?

Post by anjomshoae » Sun May 22, 2016 1:19 pm


I developed a model for "population evacuation behavior". I want to relate this model to a "operations staff" model. Basically, what I want to model is the following scenario;

population evacuate a place due to disaster, an organization is responsible in providing relief to the evacuated population, the more people are evacuated, the more employee are required for the organization. so I think it make sense to relate" number of population evacuated" to the "number of employee needed" for the relief organizations in order to respond to the needs of evacuees.

I defined a variable "Gap in staff numbers" and I tried to connect it to the population evacuation model. However, I'm not really sure the formulation of my model is correct. I tried to color the variables into blue and red.

is the formulation of this model correct?
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