NECSI Spring Semester

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NECSI Spring Semester

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NECSI Spring Semester Highlights

1) Traveling Seminar Series
2) March Conference -- "Mastering Corporate Complexity --
Doing It Not Just Talking About It -- The Role of Coherence."
3) First Book in NECSI book series released
4) First Issue of NECSIs new journal Emergence out in March
5) NECSI faculty and co-faculty expected to total more than 20
by January


Traveling Seminar Series

Introduction to the Dynamics of Complex Systems -- covering
concepts, methods and applications to physical, biological
and social complex systems.


Examples, questions, methods and concepts
Interacting agents and Cellular Automata models
Pattern formation in physical, biological and social systems
Neural networks and pattern recognition
Quantitative complexity and evolutionary change
Human civilization as a complex system

This 6 hour course will be offered at various academic
institutions throughout the United States (or Canada) to
enable students to gain a basic exposure to this new discipline.
Adjustments to the curriculum will be made to account for the
technical sophistication of the attendees. It has previously been
offered at MIT, University of Georgia, and the University of
Cincinatti. NECSI offers this course to sponsoring institutions
for $2,000 plus direct travel expenses. Attendance is limited to
200 per offering. Typically sponsoring institutions allow
faculty and students to attend without tuition. If you would
like to have this course offered at your institution please
contact us at:

For more information see


March Conference

"Mastering Corporate Complexity -- Doing It Not Just
Talking About It -- The Role of Coherence."

The March 1999 "Managing the Complex" conference will focus
complexity research on the actual problems of six invited
companies. Each companywill send four people and a problem
to be solved. The bulk of our time will be spent in discussion
sessions involving self organized working groups. Each of these
groups will focus on one of the six company problems --- using the
lessons from 15 invited speakers and the interactions with each
other the groups will strive to solve the companys designated
problem. The groups will each have an assigned facilitator to help
focus the discussion on what was just heard and how this
perspective might help in dealing with the company problem.
At the end of the conference, each of the groups will report
outcomes, so that the participants can learn from one another.

Companies are urged to apply for one of the six target company spots.

Participants are urged to attend.

For more information see


First Book in NECSI book series released.

Virtual Worlds: Synthetic Universes, Digital Life
and Complexity edited by Jean-Claude Heudin

To order please go to:

Proposals for the NECSI book series are being accepted
for review. Please send proposals to


The first issue of NECSIs new journal Emergence is due out March 15.

Please see for more information

Please send article submissions to


NECSI faculty and co-faculty are expected to total more than 20 by
January. Please see (in January)


If you would like to receive additional information about NECSI
related activities, memberships for students ($20), faculty ($50),
individuals ($100), and corporations ($500) are available.
Please see


The New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) is an
independent non-profit educational and research institution
dedicated to advancing the study of complex systems.

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