Transition problem in product development

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Transition problem in product development

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SD List members:

After my talk, The Transition Problem in Product Development, at the SD
conference this summer, a number of people expressed interest in the
associated paper and model. At long last these are now available if you
point your browswer to the following address

We have tried to make the site comprehensive. You can download the paper,
the model and technical documentation (there is also a vensim model
reader (which can be downloaded for free) version for those of you who do
not use vensim). The technical documentation is also avaiable on the web
with links from sector to sector.

My hope is the web will become a useful way to make system dynamics models
more accessible and more rigorous by promoting ever higher standars of
documentation and replicability by making it very easy to look at other
peoples models. Perhaps in the future every published model will have an
associated website where readers of the paper can run their own
simulations, experiments etc.

This site is a first attempt at doing this and I am sure is incomplete.
But, in the spirit of a defect is a treasure I would appreciate any
feedback (please reply to me directly, not the list).

many thanks,


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