corruption anyone?


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corruption anyone?

Post by Peter Heffron » Fri Nov 07, 1997 8:37 pm

Richard, corruption is a good and fundamentally important subject.

I work for CARE in Honduras, the relief and development organization. We
believe corruption is an important part of "the system" that results in
poverty and a deterioration of the social-economic-ecological fabric. We
would appreciate seeing the products of your modelling efforts.

As you probably know, there are a number of initiatives around the world to
reduce corruption, particularly with respect to reforming government
structures and procedures, the legal system, and educating the public about
corruption to reduce tolerance for same.

You might be interested in seeing the World Banks "World Development
Report 1997: The State in a Changing World," which discusses this topic

"Instruments of restraint--including an independent judiciary and the
separation of powers--are a vital foundation for sustainable development.
But excessive restraint can lead to paralysis. Every instrument for
restraining government needs to be complemented by institutional
arrangements that build in flexibility for the executive branch in
formulating and implementing policies and adapting to new information and
changing circumstances." --"World Bank Policy and Research Bulletin,"
Volume 8, Number 3, July-September 1997 (excerpted from "World Development
Report 1997").

If you are using STELLA or iThink, we could "play" your model, otherwise we
would be grateful for any conclusions and diagrams...

Good luck.


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