Post Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford

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Post Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford

Post by John Sterman » Mon Sep 20, 1999 10:43 am

Forwarded by John Sterman:

> Stanford University School of Medicine
> Stanford, California
>Join a multidisciplinary research team investigating the burden of breast
>cancer in the United States and the promise of new screening technologies
>to reduce breast cancer mortality and morbidity. Our research team, based
>in Stanford=EDs Department of Radiology, is building a comprehensive computer
>simulation model to understand the complex relationships between the
>progression of breast cancer and its medical management. Our work aims
>to provide health policy makers with analytically rigorous and empirically
>validated estimates of the health and economic impact of alternative
>policies. A Postdoctoral Fellowship is available for a talented, energetic and
>ambitious individual who is interested in joining our research program.
>The Postdoctoral Fellow must have a doctorate degree in a quantitative field,
>such as engineering, computer science, statistics, mathematics, or
>The Fellow will work on: (1) advancing state-of-the-art computer simulation
>models of breast cancer screening with data from population tumor registries
>and clinical trials; and (2) extending the basic principles of these models to
>statistically infer the progression of in-situ disease to invasive
>disease. The
>Postdoctoral Fellow will also collaborate with other members of the research
>team to explain how early detection of in-situ disease impacts the
>cost-effectiveness of screening.
>This position will be funded by a research grant from the NIH National Cancer
>Institute. Applicants should mail, in hardcopy, a cover letter, curriculum
>vitae, recent publications and three references. Applications will be accepted
>until the position is filled. Starting date before January 2000 is
>Sylvia K. Plevritis, Ph.D.
>Assistant Professor
>Department of Radiology
>LUCAS Center Rm P267
>Stanford University School of Medicine
>Stanford, CA 94305-5488
>Phone: (650) 498-5261
>FAX: (650) 723-5795
>Stanford University is an equal opportunity employer.