RA position available

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RA position available

Post by Jody House » Wed Sep 29, 1999 12:24 pm

Research Assistant position available

I am looking for a full-time doctoral student to work with me and two
researchers at MIT on a 3 year NSF funded project. The students
research will be concentrated in the area of genetic algorithms/programs
and system dynamics models. An abstract is given at the end of this

As this project is sponsored by several companies: GM, HP, Eastman
Chemical, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Arthur Anderson, and Pugh Roberts --
the student will also have the opportunity to travel to collect data at
these organizations.

Ideally, I would like to work with a student that has experience with
and is at ease with Java and/or Matlab programming.

If you are interested, please email a copy of your resume to me and let
me know if you have experience in Java, Matlab, genetic algorithms,
genetic programs, knowledge elicitation, or simulation.

Thank you,
Jody House
Oregon Graduate Institute

Project Summary

The long-term objective of our ongoing research is to explicate
principles that govern evolution within an organization. On a more
practical side, we hope to provide managers with a set of rules or
guidelines that will permit their companies to evolve more rapidly in
desirable directions. These rules might deal with the appropriate
number of business units, promotion policies, or team-based decision
making, among other organizational characteristics.

Our first-phase goal is to perform evolutionary audits- that is, to
collect data on the evolutionary potential of several partner
companies. The evolutionary audits will aid in the development of a
computer simulation model of organizational evolution (phase II). The
data we collect and the model that we build will form a foundation for
in-depth explorations of the question: How can managers create an
organization that will evolve quickly in the direction they desire?
(Phase III).

Partner companies will be involved in all three phases. Our partners
include PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Arthur Andersen, Pugh Roberts
Associates, Eastman Chemicals, and General Motors. We selected these
particular companies for their interest in this work, their existing
expertise in one of the underlying methodologies (system dynamics), and
certain organizational characteristics (discussed below) which make them
particularly good subjects for studying organizational evolution.