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Postby "Jaideep Mukherjee" » Thu Dec 23, 1999 4:22 am

Have you checked Louis Alfelds Introduction to Urban Dynamics? He starts from VERY simple models, beautifully explained, and then expands them to urban models of much larger complexity. A few months back similar topics were heavily discussed here on the list - please try keyword searches (e.g. "urban dynamics", "urban decay", "public housing", "quality of life", etc etc.) on my site at and you will find the corresponding sorted postings. The "books" section there also points to this and similar books. Life expectancy in the Limits to Growth population module may be used as a proxy for Quality of Life - many software packages contain this model - check links to demos for these packages from the "software" section. You can reuse/prune efine parts of this and other models for your purpose. Hope all this helps, else email separately and I will try to help. Jaideep

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