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Search Engine for List Archives

Post by "Jaideep Mukherjee" » Sun Nov 28, 1999 11:30 pm

Dear Domingo Andria

Re: your request "I would appreciate any reference, link, model, and
suggestions about SD and Stock Markets"

Please check out my new web site:

There is a keyword-based search engine there for precisely QUERIES OF THIS
KIND. This question has been discussed many times on the system dynamics
list in the past. For example, when I typed "stock +market" for your
specific query (without the quotes), I got 155 results there. You can have
all the fun you want there with DIFFERENT METHODS OF QUERY to find out
exactly what you want, and, THEN, if you dont find it, come back to this
list with a much more pointed query, which will get people interested enough
to answer. The SD list is especially good because many of the top people
have been active on this list, with detailed answers to many queries,
especially in the early years, so there is a wealth of good info waiting to
be explored/mined.

In general to the SD community:

Please check out the site above and you may find that this search tool can
be very valuable as a research tool in itself. By searching for authors,
subject words, or any other keywords, and choosing the year of posting of
email, you have 5 years worth of knowledge base (literally in the palms of
your hands). [Dont know if this works with palmtops though:-) Will someone
tell me if it does??] In fact, it works best with Microsoft Internet
Explorer. Because of as-yet-unresolved standardization issues with web
technology, Netscape somehow messes up. If you insist on using Netscape,
please email and I will email you back with an inelegant hack. The site is a
work in progress and I will appreciate reports of any other bugs.

There are also other features on the site, which I will leave for you to
explore. Depending on the usage, I may go to a more powerful server. I will
update it most probably on a monthly basis - in any case I will report here
if there are major changes.

Last but probably most important - much thanks to Ventana and especially Dr.
Bob Eberlein for all the work done in maintaining the system dynamics
mailing list and its archives, from which the above database was extracted
(done using Visual Basic macros, PERL scripts, and after wasting tons of
time trying to save time by using the Microsoft Server extensions. If only I
had been happy with satisficing myself, I would have saved so much time!!!
The irony is that the site is partly about optimization, but the lesson
while creating it was about "satisfiction" - maybe I should have listened
more carefully to Professor Herbert Simon :-])

Best regards

Jaideep Mukherjee, Ph. D.