Workshop "Economic Dynamics from the Physics Point of View"

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Workshop "Economic Dynamics from the Physics Point of View"

Postby John Sterman » Thu Nov 11, 1999 5:46 pm

Forwarded by John Sterman <jsterman@MIT.EDU> >Subject: Workshop "Economic Dynamics from the Physics Point of View" > > Please distribute this announcement to interested collegues. > We apologize for multiple postings! >______________________________________________________________________ > >From March 27 until March 30, 2000, an international workshop on > > ECONOMIC DYNAMICS FROM THE PHYSICS POINT OF VIEW > >will be held at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, which is located close to >Cologne (Germany). > >The workshop intends to give an overview of the application potential of >physical methods to economic subjects. > >Basically, the workshop concentrates on two main problems: >(i) the analysis of economic data, in order to detect scaling laws and > correlations, and other characteristic interdependencies; >(ii) the investigation of microscopic models which mimic economic > systems based on non-linear interactions of a large number of > elements. > >Hence, the topics relevant to the conference include: >* time series analysis of economic data, >* microscopic modelling of financial markets, >* stochastic models of socio-economic interactions, >* evolution and chaos in economic systems, >* statistical dynamics of decision processes. > >The particular emphasis on dynamic micro-models intends to provide >insights into economic interactions, which may eventually explain the >complex dynamics in the data observed. > >The scientific program is coordinated by: > >Frank Schweitzer Dirk Helbing > > > > >Invited Speakers of the workshop include: > >Jean-Philippe Bouchaud (Saclay, France) > Financial Markets: From Data Analysis to Risk Control >Werner Ebeling (Berlin, Germany) > Stochastic Models of Innovation Dynamics >Gustav Feichtinger (Vienna, Austria) > Threshold Behaviour in Intertemporal Decision Processes >Serge Galam (Paris, France) > Random Field Ising Model for Rational Group Decision Making >Janusz Holyst (Warsaw, Poland) > Chaos Control in Economics Systems >Hans-Walter Lorenz (Jena, Germany) > Nonlinear Dynamical Economics and Chaotic Motion >Thomas Lux (Bonn, Germany) > Multi-Agent Simulation of Financial Markets >Andrzej Nowak (Warsaw, Poland) > Spin Glass and Cellular Automata Models of Decision Making >Joachim Peinke (Oldenburg, Germany) > Signatures of Turbulence in Financial Markets >Kim Sneppen (Copenhagen, Denmark) > Self-Organization of Value and Demand >Sorin Solomon (Jerusalem, Israel) > Microscopic Description of Stock Markets >H. Eugene Stanley (Boston, USA) > Time-Series Analysis in Econophysics >Dietrich Stauffer (Cologne, Germany) > Percolation Models of Financial Market Dynamics >Wolfgang Weidlich (Stuttgart, Germany) > Master Equation Approach to Decision Making and Economic Dynamics >Gerard Weisbuch (Paris, France) > Hits and Flops: Application of Percolation Theory >Ulrich Witt (Jena, Germany) > Unsteady Coordination of Economic Flows - A New Approach > to Aggregate Economic Fluctuations and Cycles >Yi-Cheng Zhang (Fribourg, Switzerland) (* not yet confirmed) > The Minority Game and Trading Behavior > >The workshop will be sponsored by the WE Heraeus Foundation, thus >there will be no conference fee, and accomodation in the Physics >Center is for free. > >If you are interested in attending the workshop, you can find >information about participation and submission of contributions at the >website of the workshop: > > > >The deadline for applications for participation is December 31, 1999. > >We are looking forward to seeing you in Bad Honnef in the picturesque >Physics Center. > >Best regards, > >Frank Schweitzer and Dirk Helbing. >

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