World Conference on Operations Management POM SEVILLA 2000

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World Conference on Operations Management POM SEVILLA 2000

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Dear colleague:

I am chairing the First World Conference on Operations Management, POM
Sevilla 2000. Two of its main and critical topics are: the use of an
interfunctional/systems approach to production and Operations Management
(POMS) and the interfaces with POM (from Marketing, Finance, Accounting,
Personnel, etc.). Linked with these topics, there are two other
complementary topics: System Dynamics Models and games for POM and
simulation and gaming.

In my opinion, it would be great if the System Dynamics Community can
attend this Conference to show to POM Community the enormous potential
of System Dynamics.

Please, read carefully the attached announcement and visit our web page

Looking forward to seeing you in Sevilla, best regards.

Jose Antonio Domínguez Machuca

Dr. Jose Antonio Dominguez Machuca
Universidad de Sevilla
Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales
Departamento de Economia Financiera y Direccion de Operaciones
Avda. Ramon y Cajal, 1
41018 - Sevilla
Tlfn(s): 95 4557627-95 4557610
Fax: 95 4557570
For foreign countries:
Phones: 34954557627-34954557610
Fax: 34954557570

I World Conference On Production and Operations Management
Universidad de Sevilla-Spain, August 27 to September 1, 2000

The transition between two millennia provides us with the opportunity
to jointly reflect and cooperate in the Operations Management field. For
this reason we have chosen the theme:
POM facing the new millennium: evaluating the past, dealing with the
present and planning the future of Operations.
We intend to make POM Sevilla 2000 a major event. For the first time we
will have a World Conference, organized by POMS (Production and
Operations Management Society) and with worlwide support. Different POM
and Management Societies, Universities and respected figures in the POM
field are supporting this Conference. It is time for global action. If
POM groups around the world start working together, the synergy can only
improve the chances of a faster development and an increasing presence.
The POM world is invited to join us in Sevilla. We expect contributions
from academics and professionals working on POM, as well as from those
working on POM interfaces from other business areas (Marketing, Finance,
Accounting, Personnel Management, Information Systems, ...).
We want the Conference POM Sevilla 2000 to be an impressive event from
every point of view (academic, business, professional, scientific,
cross-cultural, social and tourism). We want to build a new conference
product, which places major importance on the scientific program but
also on giving people expanded opportunities to meet new friends and
colleagues and to establish contacts and cooperation. To reach this aim
we have organized a six-day conference which mixes work with a wide
social/tourism program which allows to get known in beautiful and unique
settings in Sevilla, Jerez, Cádiz or Granada.
Papers related to the theme of the Conference are encouraged especially
if paying attention to the topics that can be found in the Call for
papers of the Conference ( All
accepted papers will be included in the CD-ROM Proceedings; a selection
of papers will be published in printed form. Both Proceedings will have
ISBN and will be copyrighted.
Respected and well known people within the POM field from around the
world will present invited papers. The following ones have already
accepted (in alphabetical order):
§ Collins, Robert
§ Companys, Ramón
§ De Meyer, Arnoud
§ Ferdows, Kasra
§ Fitzsimmons, James
§ Gupta, Sushil § Hayes, Robert
§ Karlsson, Krister
§ Kodama, Fumio
§ Krajewski, Lee
§ Machuca, José A.D.
§ Mandakovic, Tomislav § Meredith, Jack
§ Monden, Yasuhiro
§ Roth, Aleda
§ Grubbström, Robert
§ Schmenner, Roger
§ Schroeder, Roger § Starr, Martin
§ Voss, Chris
§ Whybark Clay

Some reasons for including POM Sevilla 2000 in your Agenda Important
ü First joint world effort in the POM field.
ü A challenging theme to face the new millenium.
ü An outstanding group of invited speakers and Committee members.
ü An outstanding and wide sponsored social program which provides time
for establishing contacts and cooperation.
ü A very attractive location.
ü Simultaneous translation English/Spanish and Spanish/ English. March
10, 2000 : Submission of abstracts
April 10, 2000 : Notification of acceptance
June 1, 2000 : Submission of final papers
August 27-September 1, 2000 : Conference

For a complete information about the Conference, see or write to the General Co-Chair Jose
A.D. Machuca (e-mail:, fax: 34954557570, Phones: