System Dynamics illustrations

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System Dynamics illustrations

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A while back I offered to send people copies of the illustrations that we
commissioned to support past SD modeling and change efforts. I received
over 30 requests for the illustrations. To service the larger population, I
asked our contractor to put them up on their web site. It took a little
while as theyre pretty busy right now (probably due to the good SD work
that they did for me... ), but the first illustration is now available on
the following web site:
When you get to that page, click on the link titled: "Download an Acrobat
file to view an Air Force System Dynamic Model."
That illustration has a short description appended below it. The original
model was done in iThink and redone in Powersim. It was designed as a
learning laboratory and we used the illustration to explain model logic and
structure to the participants in the LL. As I stated before, the
illustration has seen much wider use as the basis of discussion in many
planning sessions.
The second illustration will be posted soon.
Thanks for your patience.

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