Web based discussion of model development?


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Web based discussion of model development?

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I just finished a project where we were split into three or four sites
across two continents, and I never left my study.

There are lots of tools that can help. Ive put together a few
suggestions on how to use online techniques to facilitate distributed
group work in
http://facilitatedsystems.com/onlinefac.pdf and

If you choose synchronous techniques, there are a number of tools such
as Astound, PlaceWare, NetMeeting, and WebEx (some free, at least for
limited numbers of users) that allow you to share an application across
multiple desktops. Each has its limitations, so you need to
experiment. Theres also instant messaging (ICQ, UNIX talk, etc.)
which, believe it or not, has some practical use in facilitating quick
dialog with an optional archival record.

Oh, yes, theres email and the phone.

For asynchronous work, there are other tools, including QuickTeams,
Caucus, eProject, and Web Crossing, which may be of use. As you may
gather from my articles, I tend to like the asynchronous world, but I
think a diversity of approaches, even with one group over a short time
period, has the most advantages.

There are also facilitators who work in this world, so its possible to
find people to assist, perhaps in the George Richardson facilitation
model of multiple roles/people in one meeting (where an online,
asynchronous "meeting" may last several days or more).

While I find these techniques to be quite effective (and Ive been doing
distributed work in various guises over the last few years), I will
caution that its a harder sell with some groups than with others.

Ask if you have more questions.

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Web based discussion of model development?

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When collaborating across organizations and time zones, we have used a service
called eRoom. It has the capability to do live chat, store files, conduct
surveys of team members, etc. http://www.eroom.com/
We have also used NetMeeting for live modeling interaction.
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