Education policy and its impact on businesses
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Education policy and its impact on businesses

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Edward- Ive been working on a series of models with others on the adoption of new curricula and technology in schools. A paper on an earlier effort entitled "Innovation in Schools: A Model to Help Structure the Discussion and Guide the Search for Strategies" is available from the Creative Learning Exchange ( (Search using Innovation as a keyword.) More recent work has focused on the effect of various education reform efforts on the adoption process and the ability to achieve change in schools. A paper that describes this latest model and the insights it offers entitled "Can Education Reform Get in the Way of Reforming Education?: A Simulator for Exploring Reform Strategies" was presented by me at the CLEs 2002 ST/DM Conference in Durham, NH and is available at the following link: Im currently working with colleagues to develop a learning environment based on this model to help school administrators, board members, teachers, and the community at large think through reform strategies and understand the elements of effective strategies. I hope you find these papers helpful and relevant to your query. Please contact me if you have other questions about the work. Gary Hirsch

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