Job Opening RIVM/ Office of Environmental Assessment

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Job Opening RIVM/ Office of Environmental Assessment

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Here is an interesting job opportunity as project manager for global
change modeling work.

John Sterman

Job description

Job: Project leader Global Change and Sustainability

Organisation: RIVM/ Office of Environmental Assessment, The
Netherlands, Climate Change and Global Sustainability Group

The challenge: For the climate change and global sustainability group
at RIVM ( , we are urgently
looking for a project leader for our Global Change and Sustainability
project. This project includes the following activities:
… global environmental assessments for UNEP, as part of the Global
Environmental Outlook process, (
… related activities for organisations like OECD and the United
Nations University,
… inputs in RIVMs Sustainability Monitor (a new activity to track
the Netherlands pursuit of sustainable development),
… analyses to identify integrated approaches to sustainable
development and climate change adaptation and mitigation,
… other activities to support sustainable development policies at
national, European and global level, such as food security, water
availability and land use assessments
… development of methods for integrated analysis, such as scenarios
and vulnerability indicators and contributions to the further
development of RIVMs integrated assessment models.

The project makes extensive use of the IMAGE Integrated Assessment
model that has been developed at RIVM

What we offer:
… An enthusiastic, challenging and internationally oriented research
environment, focussing on providing relevant scientific assessment
information for decision making processes on environment and
sustainable development
… An international client base
… A team with outstanding quantitative integrated assessment
modelling capabilities
… A maximum gross salary level of around Euro 70000, depending on
qualifications and experience, based on a 36 hrs/wk full time contract
… Excellent benefits package, including contributions to child care

Your qualifications:
… A solid scientific background in the natural or social sciences;
Ph.D. degree would be an advantage
… A minimum of 5-10 years experience in the field of global change
and sustainability or closely related fields
… A proven track-record of policy oriented and policy relevant work;
policy making experience is an advantage
… Team leader capabilities, proven on the basis of project management
… Abilities to integrate scientific information from different
disciplines; experience in scientific assessment work
… An excellent international network
… An enthusiastic team player

Reactions to: Bert Metz, Head International Environmental Assessment,