"New" book on security dynamics

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"New" book on security dynamics

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A new book on security dynamics (Gonzalez, Jose J, ed. 2003. From
Modeling to Managing Security: A System Dynamics Approach. Kristiansand,
Norway: Norwegian Academic Press. 158 pp. ISBN 82-7634-561-1. ISSN
0806-5934) can be found at
http://www.hoyskoleforlaget.no/hia035/ with a
link to an order form (USD 30,- including postage to anywhere in the

Book contents:

* Melara, Carlos, Jose Maria Sarriegui, Gonzalez; Jose J, Agata
Sawicka, and David L Cooke: A system dynamics model of an insider attack
on an information system.
* Sawicka, Agata, and Jose J Gonzalez: Choice under risk in
IT-environments according to cumulative prospect theory.
* Cooke, David L: Learning from incidents.
* Gonzalez, Jose J, and Agata Sawicka: The Role of Learning and
Risk Perception in Compliance.
* Breuer, Klaus and Usha Satish: Emergency Management Simulations
- An approach to the assessment of decision-making processes in complex
dynamic crisis environments.

A preliminary version of the book was presented at the 2003
International System Dynamics Conference. The book collects the papers
on security presented at the conference in an attractive volume in color
print. The papers went to a process involving several iterations:

1. Pre-conference workshop February 2003 at Agder University
College in Norway, where the contributors presented the intended papers
or drafts of papers. Half a day were allocated for intensive discussion
and criticism of the each topic (apart from the contribution by authors
Breuer and Satish who could not attend the pre-conference workshop).
2. Revision and enhancement of the papers.
3. Submission of the papers to the conference for review.
4. New revision of the papers based on the referees comments. The
revised versions of the papers were published electronically in the
conferences proceedings.
5. Revision and reformatting of the papers for the book.
Preliminary printing of the book in time for the 2003 International
System Dynamics Conference.
6. Final printing of the book after improving some figures and
correcting misprints.

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