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ANNOUNCE System Science European Congress

Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2004 9:31 am
by Jim Duggan

I received this information from Michel Karsky (, who
is organising this conference next year. They are looking for contributors
in many areas of systems science, including system dynamics.




Paris, 2005 September 19-22

Tentative Program

A) Timetable and Organizational structure:

The congress will take place at the Ecole Nationale Supirieure des Arts et
Mitiers (ENSAM) in Paris, 19-22 september 2005.

Its chairman will be the Afscet (French Systems Science Society) president,
Pr Emmanuel Nunez.

As usual, this congress aims at bringing together European Systems Science
Practitioners and Theoreticians, and wishes to improve both Systems Science
approaches and practice. It will be organized around some major
interdisciplinary and complex problems.

As regards practical organization, it will include :
- Plenary sessions and workshops and round tables conferences,
under direct control of Afscet.
- Symposia in the framework of Specialized Scientific Societies
(to be organized and conducted by those in charge of these societies, in the
framework of the congress).

1- Plenary sessions
. Opening conference, recalling prominent European Figures on
Systems Science.
. Specific topics plenary conferences. These conferences should
focus on domains to be
later more thoroughly dealt with in the symposia and workshops discussions.

2 - Workshops and round-tables conferences.
Papers on the same specific topic will be presented in the same workshop.
Workshops and round-tables conferences must be organized so as to pinpoint
the value of the + interdisciplinary approach ;.

The following list, given as an example, could constitute the
substance of a series of workshops. Trying to evolve common rules that
underlies different domains. How the systemic approach may help in
comprehending and governing of :

Biological systems
Health systems
Educational systems
Technological systems
Cities systems
Corporation systems
Religious and ideological systems,

In all of those systems, the intermingling of facts, common knowledge,
pertaining to all sort of domains (Society, Science, Art, Culture,.)
contributes to the emergence of + systems underlying rules ;.

3 - Symposia
Symposia are somewhat mini-congresses in the framework of the
congress. They are organized by Scholarly Societies in some particular

Governance, Democracy and Information Systems,
System Therapy,
System Dynamics,