ANNOUNCE Human and Social Dynamics Grant

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ANNOUNCE Human and Social Dynamics Grant

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Human and Social Dynamics: Competition for FY 2006
NSF Publication 06-509

The Human and Social Dynamics (HSD) priority area fosters breakthroughs in understanding the dynamics of human action and development, as well as knowledge about organizational, cultural, and societal adaptation and change. HSD aims to increase our collective ability to (1) anticipate the complex consequences of change; (2) understand the dynamics of human and social behavior at all levels, including that of the human mind; (3) understand the cognitive and social structures that create, define, and result from change; and (4) manage profound or rapid change, and make decisions in the face of changing risks and uncertainty. Accomplishing these goals requires multidisciplinary research teams and comprehensive, interdisciplinary approaches across the sciences, engineering, education, and humanities, as appropriate. The FY 2006 competition will include three emphasis
areas (Agents of Change; Dynamics of Human Behavior; and Decision Making, Risk and Uncertainty). Support will be provided for Full Research projects and for shorter-term Exploratory Research and HSD Research Community Development projects. Lou

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