Courses in System Dynamics

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Courses in System Dynamics

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Posted by Lalit Wankhade <>
Dear Colleagues

I am interested in attending a short term course (of a week or
fortnight) on *SystemDynamics* in near soon. It is preferrable if it is in INDIA. Please send me details. I will be thankful.

[ Host's note - if you are runnning a course - or even know of a course
please reply directly to Vishnupuri

Tony Gill <> continues to post monthly a course
list which should be a valuable resource for people looking for courses.
Let him know about courses you know about (just title, date, location
and some contact info).


With regards

Lalit Wankhade
Lecturer and Doctoral Candidate
Department of Production Engineering
SGGS Institute of Engineering & Technology.
Vishnupuri, NANDED 431 606 (M.S.) INDIA Posted by Lalit Wankhade <> posting date Sat, 3 Dec 2005 11:55:21 +0530