Capacity development

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Capacity development

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As a development practitioner and SD observer, I am always intrigued by the fact that there is such a huge gap between the practices in human development and the accumulated knowledge in SD practitioners that could very well be useful in order to reduce poverty and achieve the Millenium Development Goals.

I observe and live in the midst of the frustration of many hundreds of projects and many million dollars in development aid; all trying to improve human conditions, with very little impact, and certainly little or no sustainability.

Recently, as I formulated a project to curb malnutrition, I read an article in a well respected magazine from, which in the september issue dealt with applying systems thinking to capacity development, written by Volker Hauck. I felt compelled to share it with the SD community. ... evelopment

>From my self tought education in SD, the main formal writtings in
>sustainable development
applying SD is from Khalid Saeed. Maybe if dynamicists would find interest in these topics, as P. Senge did by publishing The Fifth Discipline, and as J. Forrester did back in the 60s and 70s when he wrote world and industrial dynamics, better policy decisions and develpment interventions could be made by development practitioners.

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