ANNOUNCE Research Position-University of Palermo

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ANNOUNCE Research Position-University of Palermo

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Dear Collegues,
The University of Palermo-System Dynamics Group is looking for a research assistant to involve in a 2-years Alfa Project, financed by the European Commission, and titled: ""Designing a Learning-Oriented Program for Growing Small Medium Enterprises: a System Dynamics approach"".

The project aims to develop an educational program to support entrepreneurs and post-graduate students in small business growth management through ILEs based on the SD Methodology.

The research network includes the following institutions: University of Palermo (project co-ordinator Institution – Prof. Carmine Bianchi); University of Plymouth, UK (Local coordinator: Prof. Graham Winch); Dalarna University, Sweden (Local coordinator: Prof. Ragnar Ahlström Söderling; Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Colombia (Local coordinator: Prof. Isaac Dyner)Universidad Catolica Andrés Bello – Venezuela (Local coordinator: Prof. Marisela Strocchia); Universidad Nacional de la Plata – Argentina (Local coordinator: Prof. Liliana Galan).

Applicants will have a good System Dynamics knowledge (at least 1-year of documented courses and/or field experience) and a good knowledge of business financial management. Applicants must also have received an undergraduate degree (bachelor degree) from a recognized University.

The budget for the described position is: Euros 19,800.00 (gross of taxes). Such budget covers all the project duration, i.e. until 30th November 2007

Applicants will send, both by e-mail and express courier, their curriculum vitae and at least two recommendation letters, not later than January 23rd 2006, to the following addresses:
- e-mail:
- mail: Prof. Carmine Bianchi, c/o C.I.S.E.COM - Università di Palermo, Via Maqueda 324 - 90100 Palermo

More information on the Research project and on the required position is
available from: or

Let me take this opportunity to wish to all of you a great 2006!

All the very best,


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