ANNOUNCE SD Seminar Series in Rome

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ANNOUNCE SD Seminar Series in Rome

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The ""Tor Vergata"" University and the SD Rome Group, on behalf of the Faculty
of Economics & Management and with the patronage of the SYstem Dynamics
Italian Chapter (SYDIC) will host a set of lectures/seminars, focusing on the
System Dynamics methodology as well as on its applications. The seminars are
mainly (but not only) addressed to PhD students in Economics, Engineering and
the Sciences.

The goal of the seminars/lectures is to provide participants with knowledge,
methodology and tools in SD in order to:

Analyze problems under a systemic perspective and apply a systemic
approach to management processes
Analyze and understand the dynamic complexity of systems as well as
define their structure and find out archetypical behaviours
Define model structures both qualitatively and quantitatively
Build operational and strategic decision support systems and the so
called ""micro-worlds"", where it is possible to experiment and
implement dynamic hypothesis or policies

The lectures will be held in Rome, at the Faculty of Economics & Management,
""Tor Vergata"" University, every Monday, 14.30 pm - 18.00 pm, from November 5th
to December 10th.

------------------ FINAL PROGRAM ------------------

5th NOVEMBER (CHAIR: Stefano Armenia)
h. 14,30 ""Opening and Presentation of the SD Rome Group""
Marco Meneguzzo - ""Tor Vergata"" University, Rome
h. 14,45 ""Presentation of the SYstem Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC -""
Habib Sedehi - SYDIC President - ""Sapienza"" University, Rome

h. 15,00 ""System Dynamics and Systems Thinking""
Pàl Davidsen - University of Bergen (Norway)?

12th NOVEMBER (CHAIR: Habib Sedehi)

h. 15,00 ""AMICA: A top management economic model oriented to facilitate company inter sectorial decisions""
Habib Sedehi - ""Sapienza"" University, Rome
h. 16,00 ""System Dynamics for supply chain modeling and analysis: the beer game""
Massimiliano M. Schiraldi, Emanuela Nicosia, ""Tor Vergata"" University, Rome
h. 17,00 ""A dynamic approach to call center management""
Stefano Armenia, Alessandro Saullo - ""Tor Vergata"" University, Rome

19th NOVEMBER (CHAIR: Edoardo Mollona)

h. 15,00 ""Path-dependence and Evolutionary Dynamics within Supply-Chain""
Edoardo Mollona - University of Bologna
h. 16,00 ""System Dynamics Modelling for Human Resource Management""
Luca Gnan, Simone Testa - ""Tor Vergata"" University, Rome
h. 17,00 ""Sequences of Bifurcations and Chaos in a Modified Goodwin's Model of Economic Cycle""
Claudio Tebaldi - Politecnico di Torino

26th NOVEMBER (CHAIR: Marco Meneguzzo)
h. 15,00 ""Securitization of Future Credits in a Local Public Administration""
Moreno Angelini, Alessandro Nanni, Fabrizio Baldoni - Enterprise Solutions Engineering
h. 16,00 ""Document Dematerialization in the Italian Public Administration""
Mauro Draoli, Nunzio Casalino, Daniele Canini - CNIPA, Italian National Center for ICT in Public Administration
h. 17,00 ""A dynamic analysis of the cultural network 'La Notte Bianca Romana' ""
Denita Cepiku, Gloria Fiorani, Marco Meneguzzo - ""Tor Vergata"" University, Rome

3rd DECEMBER (CHAIR: Giorgio Gallo)
h. 15,00 ""Sustainable mobility policies for car transportation""
Emanuele Taibi - ENI SpA
h. 16,00 ""Resources and Sustainability: the case of Easter Island""
Giorgio Gallo - University of Pisa
h. 17,00 ""Simulation in History""
Nicola Bianchi - CNR, National Research Council - Genova

10th DECEMBER (CHAIR: Luca Buccoliero)
h. 15,00 ""A System Dynamics model on the role of PA Development Policies on Depressed Areas""
Corrado Cuccurullo, ""Magna Grecia"" University of Catazaro - Manuel Festuccia, ""Tor Vergata"" University, Rome
h. 16,00 ""A combined approach to epidemics simulation based on system dynamics and agent based modelling""
Pasquale Cariello, Master Degree in Data Intelligence and Decisional Strategies, ""Sapienza"" University, Rome
Giuseppe Noce, DVM- PhD, Ancona
h. 17,00 ""Evaluating the impacts of ICT and eHealth on the surrounding economic and social system""
Luca Buccoliero, ""Bocconi"" University of Milan - Stefan Kunz, Swiss-Italian University

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