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QUERY The Gathering Storm

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The following is from a 2007 report at
http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=11463. It is work by
committees of the National Academy of Science, the National Academy of
Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies,
that speaks to a ""gathering storm"" threatening U.S. prosperity. From
the preface:

""The prosperity the United States enjoys today is due in no small part
to investments the nation has made in research and development at
universities, corporations, and national laboratories over the last 50
years. Recently, however, corporate, government, and national scientific
and technical leaders have expressed concern that pressures on the
science and technology enterprise could seriously erode this past
success and jeopardize future US prosperity. Reflecting this trend is
the movement overseas not only of manufacturing jobs but also of jobs in
administration, finance, engineering, and research.""

And later in the preface:

""...we present...4 recommendations and 20 specific actions to implement
them. The committee members deeply believe in the fundamental linkage of
all the recommendations and their integrity as a coordinated set of
policy actions. To emphasize one or neglect another, the members
decided, would substantially
weaken what should be viewed as a coherent set of high-priority actions
to create jobs and enhance the nation's energy supply in an era of
tion. For example, there is little benefit in producing more researchers
if there are no funds to support their research.""

We are thinking about this problem from a feedback perspective and would
be very interested in collaborating with others who might be doing the
same. Has anyone built, or started building, a model to test the
proposed recommendations and actions?


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