QUERY Help with learning system dynamics,

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QUERY Help with learning system dynamics,

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Dear all,

Is there anyone who can help me with the suggested solutions for the
'finding the optimal mix of capital and labour' challenge on page 543
of the textbook: Sterman, J.D. (2001) Business Dynamics. I will really

[ Host's Note: Please reply directly to Jo if you would like to provide
help. I will not post replies to this as I do not believe this is the
right forum for tutoring on pedagogical excercises.

That said, I realize there is not really an informal forum to provide help
to those who are self studying system dynamics. During the conference
we have the modeling assistance workshop - something similar to match
up people so they can trade emails might be helpful. If anyone has ideas
and energy around this send me a note (bob@vensim.com).

Kind regards,
Posted by ""Josephine Musango"" <JMusango@csir.co.za>
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