FINAL The SD Mailing list has closed

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FINAL The SD Mailing list has closed

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Hi Everyone,

This is the final message from the System Dynamics Mailing list. It has been
great fun to watch the discussion over the last decade.

To continue the conversation, please go to the forum at

I addition to the discussion forums that are currently up we will be putting
archives for this mailing list in the same place to simplify search. There are
also some new subforums that will be added for different Chapters and SIGS of
System Dynamics Society. Hopefully, having a number of things in one place will
make it easier for all people who are looking for information.

Anything you would have posted to this list should be posted to the forum. There
is a specific subforum for announcements. Questions abut the new forum should be
posted under unmoderated discussion. If you have trouble getting access (you do
need to log in to post messages or sign up for email delivery), please drop me an


Bob Eberlein

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