ANNOUNCE CFP - PhD Colloquium 2009

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ANNOUNCE CFP - PhD Colloquium 2009

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The 27th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA=20

Call for Papers for the PhD Colloquium
The PhD colloquium, which became an important piece of the International
Conference of the System Dynamics Society, is a one-day event devoted to =
works of the PhD researchers working on foundations, techniques, tools, a=
applications of the System Dynamics approach. The colloquium, which is co=
of an intensive academic program as well as a social gathering, is planne=
d to
take place on 26th of July, 2009.

We warmly invite PhD students especially in the early to middle stages of=
research to present their research proposals and progress at the colloqui=
um. You
will receive valuable feedback from the experienced researchers in the fi=
eld as
well as from fellow students. Even if you are not presenting your work, y=
ou are
still more than welcome to join the PhD Colloquium on the day. It is a gr=
opportunity to meet fellow students from around the world and exchange id=

The submissions can be made in two different formats. Participants can ei=
submit an extended abstract (i.e. 5-6 pages), or a full paper (i.e. maxim=
um of
pages). The participants are expected to follow the brief guidelines give=
n in
call for papers. These guidelines summarize the core content that shall b=
provided in each submission. The priority will naturally be given to the
submissions that comply with the given guidelines as much as possible. In=
case, the participants are expected to complete the cover page appended t=
o the
call for papers, and submit their papers/abstracts with this cover page. =
call for papers, and the required cover page can be downloaded from the S=
chapter's website;

Key Dates:
02 January 2009 : Opening date for paper submissions
23 March 2009 : Submission deadline
13 May 2009 : Notification of acceptance

For any question regarding the colloquium program or submissions you may =
us through the following email address;

PhD Colloquium Organizers
G=F6nen=E7 Y=DCCEL, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
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