QUERY MicroWorlds' FGST software?

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QUERY MicroWorlds' FGST software?

Post by Stephen Wehrenberg <stephen.w » Mon Dec 08, 2008 7:15 am

Posted by Stephen Wehrenberg <stephen.wehrenberg@verizon.net>

Back in the olden days, I used a software program called Facilitation Graphics
for Systems Thinking, marketed by MicroWorlds (aka GKA?). It ran as an add-in
an ancient version of Visio, pre Micro$oft acquiring it. It was a nicely
integrated package for generating and manipulating hexagons, creating CLDs, S/F
diagrams, BOT graphs, and other stuff if I recall. It didn't do modeling,
graphics, but did that very well. I still have the old Visio stencil and
template files (Systhink.vss and vst respectively). I think it became
incompatible with newer versions of Visio, and was never replaced. I have bits
and pieces of software that all together do most of what FGST did, but not in

Two questions, or maybe three:

Can anyone get me in touch with Dave Kreutzer, who was Gould-Kreutzer and later

Does anyone know of a package that will replace the functionality of FGST?

Can anyone convert old Visio vss and vst files to something that will let me
these with Visio 2003? Even though the Micro$oft help site suggests that newer
Visio versions will open ALL older stencils, I have evidence to the contrary.



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