ANNOUNCE Society for systems Sciences Conference - Brisbane

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ANNOUNCE Society for systems Sciences Conference - Brisbane

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Hi all,

You may be interested in the 2009 conference of the International Society for
Systems Sciences, to be held in at The University of Queensland, Brisbane,
Australia - July 12-17, 2009.

See attached flyer.

The conference will consider the following theme:

""Is liveability a mere local or short-term manifestation of sustainability?
Is it a necessary but insufficient pre-requisite of sustainability?
Do we experience unsustainable actions in the name of liveability?
Liveability appears to be a constraint on what sustainability will be. However,
are the questions for sustainability to address the issue of liveability related
* ""for whom""? (speaks of people prepared to sacrifice for the longer run);
* ""for how long""? (addresses the aftermath of liveability decisions);
* ""at what costs""? (is the cost less than for easy liveability);
* ""of what""? (identification of what comes when a particular liveability
is over).

The question we ask is if liveability can be achieved in cooperation with
achieving sustainability or are these concepts in conflict. More important, how
can we as systems scientists help to make Liveable, Sustainable Systems
Unremarkable - especially in a society where Systems Thinking is often kept out
of science and mainstream problem solving?

Be part of this important event

We encourage those interested in attending the conference to submit an abstract
for a full paper or poster or just attend to share your knowledge and learn from
others through the many opportunities there will be for interaction between
people from around the world who use systems sciences in their day-to day

For further information and registration visit the website:

all the best,

A/Prof Bob Cavana
Reader in Systems Management
Victoria Management School
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