ANNOUNCE Instructor opening U of Colorado at Boulder

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ANNOUNCE Instructor opening U of Colorado at Boulder

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The OPIM (Operations and Information Management) Division in the Leeds
School of Business, the University of Colorado, is looking for a part
time instructor (, which may be converted into a full time instructor
or senior instructor at a future date upon approval). We are looking
for a creative and rigorous teacher with the ability and desire to
transform tomorrow's business leaders. The following courses are
potentially available as early as the spring semester of 2009:

BCOR 2500-3. Introduction to Operations and Information Management.
Explores the complexity and uncertainty of today's global business
environment froma systems perspective. Provides foundations,
technologies, and practical skills in describing,
analyzing, and improving business procedures. Prereq., BCOR 1010, BCOR
1020, successful
completion of the Excel proficiency exam, and 26 hours completed.

OPIM 3000-3. Systems Thinking. Introduces systems thinking and the analysis
of the interactions of a complex collection of people, processes,
and technologies. Students learn to be creative and critical thinkers
who can conceptually model the very complex systems we encounter in
our world today. Prereqs., BCOR 1010, 1020, and 52 hours completed.

OPIM 4060-3. Managing Business Processes. Covers the concepts and tools
to design and manage business processes. Emphasizes modeling and analysis,
information technology support for process activities, and management
of process flows. Graphical simulation software is used to create dynamic
models of business processes and predict the effect of changes. Prepares
students for a strong management or consulting career path in business
processes. Prereq., BCOR 2500 and 52 hours completed. Same as OPIM 5060.
Formerly MGMT 4060.

OPIM 4510-3. Design of Usable Business Systems. Focuses on the usefulness
and usability of systems in organizations. Examines the bottom line
implications of information systems and how to create systems that are easy
use for all potential users. Creative and critical thinking to design and
build systems are stressed through individual and team exercises. Prereq.,
2500 and 52 hours completed. Same as OPIM 5510.

This is not a formal recruitment announcement. If you are interested
in this position, please email your cv and teaching
experience/philosophy statement, along with any question you may have,
to Jintae Lee (

Jintae Lee
Chair, Operations and Information Management Division
(formerly Systems Division)
Leeds School of Business, UCB 419
Univ. of Colorado at Boulder 80309
Ph: 303-492-4149, Fax: 303-492-5962

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