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Sustainability Institute ED Search

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Dear Fellow System Dynamicists,

In 1996, Dana Meadows founded the Sustainability Institute to carry on he=
life-long work of understanding and dealing with the limits to growth. T=
has carried on since her untimely death. The Institute is now looking fo=
r a new
Executive Director to lead that work, which is currently focused on the i=
ssue of
climate change. We are particularly looking for someone experienced in s=
dynamics and systems thinking.

If you are interested or know of someone who might be, please contact the
Sustainability Institute at the address enclosed in the attached position
description (or contact me directly).


Jim Lyneis

Cover Letter to the Position Description:


The Sustainability Institute (SI) is seeking an exceptional candidate who=
offer outstanding leadership, both within our organization and beyond, in=
wider field of sustainability.

We invite applications from candidates experienced in building and direct=
expert teams working on any aspect of sustainability and social change. =
ideal candidate will have a passion for creating and promoting sustainabl=
systems. S/he will be able to grasp complex issues quickly, identify crit=
needs and opportunities, attract talented staff, build effective and
collaborative teams, network widely with leaders at all levels in the
non-profit and governmental spheres, attract funding, and lead the SI int=
o an
exciting new phase of its work in the world.

Since 1996, the SI has designed and implemented many successful projects.=
learned much from those experiences, and have developed a clearer focus f=
or our
organization=92s niche in a rapidly changing world. We found that we can =
be most
effective when we combine the strengths of our staff in an integrated app=
that includes systems modelling, convening diverse stakeholders, and trai=
leaders in sustainability.=20

Our work is currently focused on the issue of climate change and we aim t=
o grow
and change to meet the challenges at hand, taking advantage of opportunit=
ies for
the greatest and most positive impact on the world, at all scales from lo=
cal to

Over the last year, we have reflected deeply on our mission and on the op=
organizational structure and culture to further that mission. We have
restructured the SI, established new personnel and financial policies, an=
d hired
an operations manager. Our financial situation is excellent as we enter t=
difficult economic times. We are ready now for new leadership that will
us to stretch and to grow, to increase our capacity and, above all, to pr=
sustainable practices whose impact can be demonstrated. Our staff and boa=
rd are
ready to work with our new executive director on strategic planning as so=
on as
our new leader arrives.

As you may know, we began our search for an executive director some month=
s ago.
We have considered many truly outstanding candidates but have not yet fou=
nd the
match between a candidate and the position. Based on that experience, we=
confident that there is a significant pool of candidates out in the world=
would serve the SI and humankind well in this vital role.

We hope you will make this opportunity known to anyone you feel has the d=
energy, experience and talents that this position demands. Thank you for =
support of the SI, and for your commitment to a more sustainable world.
James M Lyneis
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