ANNOUNCE Web-Based Modeling Environment

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ANNOUNCE Web-Based Modeling Environment

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This is an announcement of the official release of software for creating system
dynamics models using nothing but a web-browser. User accounts are free, and
registration is simple. The system can be accessed at:

A set of basic tutorials for using the system can be found at:

All feedback is welcome!!

WOOOMM 1.0 (WOOOMM is Online Object Oriented Meta Modeling) is the initial
release of a system for creating collaborative models of dynamic systems. This
release was actually preceded by the WHO (Web Hydrology Objects) system, and is
repackaged and renamed in recognition that the goals of the system extend far
beyond the realm of hydrology. This modeling system aims to be a robust tool
for creating models of dynamic systems in a collaborative web-based
environment. These models may be created from scratch, using only the standard
object components in WOOOMM, or by integrating other existing models that have
been coupled with WOOOMM, and thus creating an integrated meta-model.

Robert W. Burgholzer
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