ANNOUNCE Replacing the SD Mailing List

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ANNOUNCE Replacing the SD Mailing List

Post by Bob Eberlein < » Sun Jan 11, 2009 10:32 am

Posted by Bob Eberlein <>

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry that this took so long. I have put in place a new forum that I hope
will allow more flexible and complete communications. This is done as a PhpBB
bulletin board and is located at:

Everyone can read the content. To post you will need to sign in using your email
address and the password for the Society's web submission system.

If you have not registered on the web submission system you will need to do so
and will not be able to post until your registration has been manually added
(usually one or two business days).

The board is currently divided into 3 forums. One for announcements, one for
moderated discussion, and one for unmoderated discussion. More forums might be
added and the moderated/unmoderated forums might be merged with some sort of
hybrid rules. That design, itself, is a good topic for discussion.

The board supports RSS feeds and has an option to receive an email summary of
board postings from one or more forums either daily or weekly. To subscribe to
email click on the Digest tab in the user control panel.

The announcements forum has fixed threads, so announcements should go under one
of those. I will, for a short time, post announcements sent to this list to the
forum. And for another week I will continue to post messages to this list. After
that, discussion should go through the forum. If you run into trouble using the
forum send me a note.

More details on the forum at

Bob Eberlein
Posted by Bob Eberlein <>
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