ANNOUNCE Annual gathering of UK Chapter

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ANNOUNCE Annual gathering of UK Chapter

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[The SD Mailing list is closing. Please go to=20
to continue the discussion ]

Please note that anyone can attend, you don=92t have to be a member of th=
e UK

UK Chapter of the International System Dynamics Society

Annual Gathering in London =96 12 & 13 February 2009

If you have not already done so you are invited to register now for this =
your registration form here ... on2009.pd=
f or
book securely online Please note that that=
as the
event is being held in London accommodation is booked separately, see
registration form for details and prices. If you need additional informat=
please contact Theodora Kennedy at

This year=92s theme is =91System Dynamics: the client perspective=92, whi=
ch should
value to all who wish to see the approach more widely adopted by manageme=
nt in
corporate, public and non-profit sectors. Speakers this year are:

* Graham Firth, Asset Strategy Director at Bristol Water, Paul Gisbor=
ne of
PGA Consulting and Robert Thurlby of Serco Solutions, who will talk about=
how SD
contributed to Bristol Water=92s strategy.=20

* Warren Farr: CEO and President of Refrigeration Sales Corporation o=
f Ohio,
who will join remotely to describe the benefits he has gained from using =
SD for
this smaller business.
* Douglas Mckelvie of Symmetric SD will be joined by Savas Hadjipavlo=
u and
Samantha Hinks, both from Ministry of Justice. They will be offering thei=
feedback on the use of SD as clients of a consultancy process undertaken =
Ministry of Justice.=20

Benefits of attending:

* Hear from clients who have valued the contribution that SD has made=
their organisations
* Develop ideas on how the profile and reputation of system dynamics =
users might be enhanced =20
* Network with the growing number of practitioners, students, employe=
rs and
academics for new insights and inspiration =20

As in previous years, it will be a great pleasure to share in the award o=
f the
Chapter=92s student prize for an outstanding piece of system dynamics wor=
Following this award on the morning of the second day will be a PhD collo=
which students will have a chance to share their work. For more informati=
on on
this please contact Mike Quigley

In addition, we are delighted to be awarding the Steer Davies Gleave priz=
sponsored by transport planning consultancy Steer Davies Gleave, for outs=
professional work that has promoted the use of System Dynamics to address=
and significant problems of public interest.

Lastly, if you have benefited from the society, please do consider puttin=
yourself forward for the committee - or just as an occasional helper. The=
is run on an entirely voluntary basis and any contribution would be welco=
Reply to this email in the first instance if you are able to help.

We look forward to seeing you at the gathering!

Roderick Brown (President) and all the Policy Council.

Dr Susan Howick


Dept of Management Science

University of Strathclyde
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