ANNOUNCE Faculty Opening in System Sciences at McGill

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ANNOUNCE Faculty Opening in System Sciences at McGill

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McGill University, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Management

The Brain-to-Society Research Center for Physical and Mental Health and

Research Chair in System Sciences

The Brain-to-Society Research Centre for Physical and Mental Health and Well

The Brain-to-Society Research Center for Physical and Mental Health and
Well-Being (BtS) aims to pave the way toward a novel transdisciplinary science
where biology and environment are seen as part of the same system guiding
lifestyle choice and behavior. Domains where choice is partly conditioned by
biology and environment include among others, diet, exercise and sedentary
behavior; sleep, stress, and other facets of the work/leisure/play balance;
smoking, drinking, gambling, and electronic addiction. The goal is to develop
synthesize through systems analysis, knowledge that will drive policy in health
and economic domains and inspire social and business innovation that can help
reach the balance of environmental opportunities and constraints that makes
health the easiest and most sustainable option for individuals and society
Research will examine genetic, epigenetic, neural and psychological processes
operating at the individual level in the broader context of decisions made by
social and economic actors at all levels in society. BtS is the primary research
anchor of the McGill World Platform for Health and Economic Convergence, the
central hub of a worldwide knowledge-to-action community that will harness the
world's best minds and leading organizations in a series of interconnecting
and global networks that will use science, policy and action to address
intractable issues that lie at the interface of health and economics.

The BtS Research Center is a joint initiative between the Desautels Faculty of
Management and the Faculty of Medicine, with valuable collaboration from McGill
University's two research institutions specializing in neuroscience, the Douglas
Mental Health University Institute and the Montreal Neurological Institute. Two
Canada Research Chairs, one in decision neuroscience and the other in systems
science, have been allocated to begin building research capacity, with a series
of complementary endowed research chairs to be established. The present
recruitment is for a research chair in systems science.

Position Summary

The BtS research center is seeking candidates for a research chair with
tenure-tracked position with strong roots and accomplishments in systems
who will play a leading role in pushing the boundary of the transdisciplinary
study of individual, organizational and collective choices. System sciences
encompass a wide range of methods and tools (e.g., system dynamics simulations,
agent-based modeling, network analysis, Markov modeling, soft-system analysis,
discrete-event modeling, geo-spatial analysis). Candidates at both senior and
junior levels are invited to apply.

The successful candidate will establish an innovative, pragmatic research
and promote local and global capacity through mentoring and education in a
innovative and supportive environment.

Qualifications include an MD, PhD, or equivalent experience in a range of
relevant fields including (but not limited to):

* System Dynamics/Industrial Engineering/Operations Research

* Simulation Modeling/Biomathematics

* Political Sciences

* Management and Marketing Science

* Mainstream, Behavioral and Health Economics

* Health Systems/Organizational Theory

* Mainstream and Medical Sociology

* Mainstream and Social Epidemiology

* Decision Science and Behavioral Decision Making

* Business and Medical Informatics

Salary and rank are commensurate with the candidate's qualifications and
record. The appointment will be made jointly with the Faculty of Medicine and
Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

McGill is a leading research-intensive university located in the heart of
Montreal. The Desautels Faculty of Management has over 75 full-time professors,
and over 3000 students, including MBAs, PhDs, undergraduates, and executives.
more information please go to:

Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

Recognized as one of the top medical schools in North America, McGill
University's Faculty of Medicine has a long tradition of excellence. Founded in
1829, it was McGill's first faculty and the first medical faculty in Canada. As
Canada's leading medical research university, McGill has been at the helm of
breakthroughs in areas such as biomedical science, epigenetics, neuroscience and
stem cells and regenerative medicine. Recent discoveries include the
identification of genes that lead to breast cancer, memory loss, spina bifida
type-2 diabetes. Paving the way toward innovative methods of health science
education is also one of the University's cornerstones. For more information
please go to

Please Submit Application by February 15th 2009

Please contact Professor Laurette Dube for further information on the



Tel: 1 514 398-4026

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