ANNOUNCE Positions at Aarhus School of Business

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ANNOUNCE Positions at Aarhus School of Business

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FYI, Associate and assistant faculty positions in Aarhus, Denmark. Also,
interested in system dynamics people doing Supply Chain work.


POMS Bulletin Board
Position Announcement: Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, Denm=

Positions in Logistics/SCM at Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus Universit=
Position No. 2030.31

CORAL (Centre for Operations Research Applications in Logistics) affiliat=
with the Department of Business Studies invites applicants for a number o=
positions as Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and PhD scholars in
Logistics/SCM to take up appointment by 1st June 2009 or later.

CORAL provides knowledge to support decision-making and control for
logistics and supply chain management in companies and other organisation=
Our research interests include, but are not limited to:
=95 Inventory control in supply chains=20
=95 Mathematical programming applications in logistics=20
=95 System dynamics issues in supply chains=20
=95 Operations management applications=20
=95 Vehicle routing and distribution planning=20

The scientific staff of CORAL includes 12 researchers of which 4 are full
professors and at present 5 PhD students. Further information about CORAL
can be found at=20


Brief description of the three types of positions:

The position as associate professor is a permanent position with an
obligation to research and teach, including participation in the scientif=
development of the field, research training, pedagogical
guidance/supervision of assistant professors, supervision of PhD students=
evaluating work, preparation of and participation in administrative work.
The distribution of the various activities may vary for each associate
professor according to the decision of Aarhus School of Business. Applica=
must hold a PhD and it is expected that the applicant can document
scientific research in Logistics/SCM at an international level as well as
good teaching skills in Logistics/SCM.

The position as assistant professor is a three-year temporary position wi=
an obligation to research and teach, including participation in the
scientific development of the field. A strong research potential and good
teaching skills are required. The assistant professor will have to follow=
internal teaching skills programme. Applicants must have completed their =
before taking up the position. =20

A PhD scholar must complete an individually planned PhD course programme =
Logistics/SCM and conduct a research project under the supervision of
experienced senior researchers. The PhD student is also expected, as part=
the programme, to spend some time (up to six months), with coverage of
travel and accommodation expenses, at another =96 often foreign =96 resea=
institution. During the programme, the PhD student is further expected to
gain teaching experience within Logistics/SCM as well as experience with
other forms of dissemination of research results. ASB also finances
participation in relevant PhD courses and scientific conferences. In
addition, it is expected that PhD students participate in and contribute =
the other activities of the department. A PhD student is employed on a
full-time basis for three years, and the salary is enough to cover all
necessary accommodation and living costs and to lead an active life. A Ph=
student does not pay tuition fees.

General conditions for all three academic positions

Due to the increasing internationalisation of education it is expected th=
the applicant is able to teach in English. However, in the general
evaluation of the applicant focus is on the research qualifications and
research potential. =20

The applicants will be evaluated by an assessment committee whose
recommendation of each applicant will be sent to the person involved.=20

Candidates, who are found qualified for an Assistant/Associate professor
position by the expert assessment committee, may be invited for an interv=
and may be asked to give a research seminar and a test lecture. The
committee is authorised to ask for supplementary material if this is deem=
necessary. =20

Applications requirements=20

An application for an Assistant and Associate Professor position must
=95 Full CV=20
=95 Copy of PhD certificate=20
=95 Documented information on research and teaching qualifications
=95 A complete numbered list of publications. Research publications and/o=
working papers on which the applicant wishes to be evaluated, should be
marked by a * on the list of publications and must be submitted in hard
copy. (A maximum of ten research publications and/or working papers can b=
=95 A brief statement of future research plans.=20

All application materials including publications etc. must be submitted i=
The application and attachments must be submitted in sets (without bindin=
in three copies by ordinary mail.

An application for PhD Scholarship must contain=20
=95 Application form
=95 Project proposal (max. 5 pages), including the expected theoretical a=
methodological approach
=95 Graduate diploma including a list of all grades (a relevant translati=
must be enclosed)
=95 Full CV
=95 Other material, if any (e.g. publications), which should be taken int=
account in the assessment

The application form can be downloaded from: or requested from Henrik

The application and attachments must be submitted in sets (without bindin=
in five copies by ordinary mail or via e-mail to

Closing date for all applications is Monday, March 9th 2009 at 12 noon. =


Application including enclosed documents should be marked =93Position No.
2030.31=94 and sent to

Aarhus School of Business
Aarhus University
HR Department
Fuglesangs All=E9 4
DK-8210 Aarhus V=20
Attention: Ms. Charlotte Thomsen. =20

Please pay attention to the fact that it remains the responsibility of th=
applicant to ensure that the application contains all the documents
requested and that the material is received no later than the closing dat=

For further information candidates are invited to contact Head of
Department, Michael Christensen, by phone: +45 89 48 64 29 or by e-mail: or CORAL Centre Director Professor Anders Thorstenson by phone
+45 89 48 63 18 or by e-mail:

Information about the Department of Business Studies can be found at: and about the Aarhus School of
Business at

Aarhus School of Business, University of Aarhus is a university school wh=
contributes added value to society through research, education and dialog=
on the creation and development of companies and organisations.
Aarhus School of Business has a distinctive international profile and is
among the largest internationally accredited business schools in Europe w=
7,200 full and part time students, 530 employees of which half are

Aarhus University offers a good and inspiring education and research
environment for 35,000 students and 8,500 members of staff, who produce
academic results of a high international standard. The budgeted turnover =
2009 amounts to EUR 700 million. The university=92s strategy and developm=
contract are available at
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