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Ventity 1.0 Release

Post by tomfid » Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:52 pm

Ventana Systems is happy to announce the release of Ventity 1.0, now available for evaluation and purchase. Download a copy at site.

What is Ventity for?

We developed Ventity to make it easier to model systems with changing, ad hoc components and connections:
• A health care system with multiple age cohorts, indications and treatments.
• A marketing mix model, with an irregular list of products, promotions and customers.
• A logistics network, with sparse connections among suppliers and customers.
• A large project, with many tasks, each having few prerequisites.
• An economic model that needs flexibility to vary regional aggregation.
• A market ecology, with introduction and deletion of new firms or products.
Ventity provides clean separation of model from data, which makes it easier to represent systems like this, and easier to reuse the resulting model.

How does it work?

Ventity replaces arrays with collections of entities, tagged by attributes. Entities are similar to objects in object-oriented programming, and their modularity makes them easy to reuse and share among teams. Detail lives in the data, not the equations, which makes it a lot easier to edit or import from enterprise sources.

Entities can be created and deleted dynamically; no need to simulate a lot of zeroes for things that haven't happened or don't exist. Ventity supports agent-based models without procedural programming.

All this happens in a development environment with advanced graphics and windowing and spreadsheet-friendly I/O.

Pricing & Vensim Pro/DSS Bundle

We think you'll like our introductory pricing:
• Evaluation and Academic licenses continue to be free.
• Commercial licenses are $99/year.
• Commercial Vensim Pro and DSS users with current maintenance can claim a free Ventity subscription.
These prices won't last forever, but we will continue to honor our early adopters with favorable deals.

Causal Tracing™

The latest release brings Causal Tracing, pioneered by Vensim, with strip graphs and tree diagrams. Some enhancements include browser-style history and interactive control over tree depth.

Getting Started

You can download a copy from
The builtin Help system contains a lot of good "getting started" material. Our video library includes:
• A walk-through of the help system models
• A video version of the Ventity workshop from the SD Conference
• A look at options for team model building


We're very interested to hear how your experience with Ventity is working out, and what you would like to see next - please take our short survey!

If you have other questions or comments, please drop us a note at

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