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Ventity 2.0 beta

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Ventity 2.0 beta, our most ambitious update yet, is here!

In addition to a slew of bug fixes, we’ve also added several new key features (and a few improvements to already existing ones) that we’d like to take a moment to highlight.

First up, to help with model creation and clarity we’ve added the dynamic functions Smooth, Trend, Forecast and Delay which can be accessed through the equation editor of any auxiliary or flow in Ventity. In addition the Active Initial function was created for use in determining the order of initialization for looped equations.

We’ve created a new Vensim Model Import tool. For simple Vensim models, this makes importing equations quick, and you can easily reconstruct diagrams. Most complex models will require architecture changes to really take advantage of Ventity’s unique capabilities, but the import tool is still a great way to adapt components for use in Ventity.

A new Windows Service API supports online model deployment via Forio Epicenter, with desktop versions coming later.

We’ve also included new functionality to Sensitivity Runs, allowing you to set time bounds for the run in the run control, and to supplement this further, we’ve improved Save Lists which allow you to select which specific variables you want to save and view the data for in your sensitivity run, vastly improving performance.

Finally, there are several new Table Lookup functions included in this release and many other small usability improvements and bug fixes. For a full list of these changes and more, check the internal or online Help system after you’ve upgraded to Ventity 2.0, and let us know on the forums or via email what new features you’d like to see in the next release.

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