Vensim 6.0A released.

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Vensim 6.0A released.

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Vensim 6.0a is now available for download or purchase in the Vensim store.

Release Version 6.0a includes fixes for several problems introduced with new features in Version 6.0.

These include:
- Equation Editor
- Icons
- Optimization
- Excel import

Equation Editor Data Equations:
The new equation editor layout made it extremely ugly to use data keywords with subscripted variables. This has been addressed by allowing the user to select keywords using a pull-down menu. This pull-down menu is only visible for Data Equations.

Bug Fixes
- The equation editor was generating errors when the graphical lookup editor is used with an Auxiliary "With Lookup" variable. This error has been corrected.
- Several of the new icons were not displaying properly on some Windows XP machines. This problem has been fixed.
- Several issues with stochastic optimization have been fixed.
- Some issues importing Excel files have been fixed.
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