multi-graph and simulationrun

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kai wang
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multi-graph and simulationrun

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Hello, I have two quetions about sable use.

1. How to set up multi-graphs? I want to show many graphs, but I don't have enough space on one page. So I want to show these graphs in different layers and use buttons to switch them. I have tried "tab control", but I don't know how to use it.
If your answer is "tab control", would you please tell me how to use it step by step?

2. How to name and save a simulation run? In addation, I also want to load the saved runs and compare them.

Thank you very much!

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Re: multi-graph and simulationrun

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Tab control. Create as many tabs as you want using the properties page. Then select the tab and drop controls on it in the same way you do any screen. Each tab is like an embedded mini screen.

To name a run, create a button, and execute the venapp command SIMULATE>RUNNAME|?

To load/unload runs, create another button and execute the venapp command MENU>LOAD_RUN.
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