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Bar graph

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I use Sable Dev version 5.1.485 on Win 7 computer (64 Bit)
and got the following problem:

I’d like to insert a bar graph showing all values (in my case a period of 60 months):
I select a parameter (Auxiliary variable) and in the Dialog window
- Series type: Bar
- Series mode: Display all vals

All other properties are by default.

The graph doesn’t show any value.

If I take Series mode ‘Display at time’, I get one bar (at final time).
But how do I get all values?

I also tried to change all other properties, without success.

In Vensim (DSS v6.2) the bar graph works fine. In Bar Graph Options I select ‘As time-graph’ and all values are shown.

Many Thanks in advance for any solution.
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Re: Bar graph

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Can you upload the screen file (or email it to me)? I'm sure it's just a setting that needs setting.
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