Vensim 6.4E is available for download.

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Vensim 6.4E is available for download.

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Vensim 6.4E is now available for download or purchase in the Vensim store.

This introduces many bug fixes.

You can upgrade to the latest version of Vensim easily – just follow the Upgrade link at and enter your license code. Can’t find it? No problem – contact us for help.

If you're not current with Vensim 6, there are some interesting new features, including:

- Significant upgrades to the Help system, including improved indexing and nearly 100 sample models illustrating the use of almost every built-in function
- Native Mac support (licenses are portable across platforms)
- GET DIRECT functions that can access spreadsheets and other delimited data files, like the GET XLS functions without the overhead of launching Excel.
- The option of observing integer constraints in the ALLOCATE AVAILABLE function
- great for managing allocation of discrete items like customers or aircraft.
- Enhancements to the document tool and SyntheSim functionality with lookups in large models
- On-the-fly configuration of subscripts (arrays) with the GET DIRECT SUBSCRIPTS or GET ODBC SUBSCRIPTS functions
- great for matching model detail to your data.
- :EXCEPT: statements that let you handle exceptions to subscripted equations more easily.

We are on track to release a beta version of 64-bit Vensim this month. This release will be available to Vensim Pro and DSS users who are current with their maintenance.

The Future of Vensim: The Vensim team is developing a major revision/upgrade with new capabilities and dramatic improvements for ease of use. One cool feature in the pipeline is Synthesim for sensitivity simulations, exploiting Vensim’s speed to make risk and uncertainty interactive.
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