ANNOUNCE National Health Services Paper

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ANNOUNCE National Health Services Paper

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Title: NHS Leading edge paper on system dynamics

I thought colleagues on the SD list would be interested in a development that might help to raise the profile of system dynamics work in health and social care.

I have just completed what is called a ‘leading edge’ paper on system dynamics for the NHS Confederation.

The Confederation is a national body which brings together and represents all the organisations that make up the modern NHS across the UK.

The Confederation works with members to transform health and health services for the better by:

* Influencing policy and public debate
* Connecting health leaders through networking
* Representing the NHS as an employer.

It is very prestigious to be invited to create this publication and I believe it will be good for the recognition of the work of the wider SD community.

The paper can be down loaded from the symmetric web site at <> and will be circulated throughout the NHS. Please feel free to circulate the paper yourselves to colleagues.

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