losing the message

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losing the message

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I have just answered to a post, and after having written the message, and wanting to preview it, I was asked to enter my username and password againg and lost all the message.
This happens regularly. It is better to prepare the message somewhere else and copy it afterwards. But it would be better to correct this feature because it is rather annoying.
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Re: losing the message

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Hello JJ,

I've never lost a message when replying to posts.

What browser are you using and I'll use the same one for a while to see if I can replicate the error.

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Re: losing the message

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I've had the same problem, primarily with the SD society forum, which is also PhpBB, but also here once in a while. I use Firefox. Bob Eberlein thought it might be something to do with cookie expiration.

The trick is, after logging in, don't use the "Return to previous page" button, which will take you to a blank post entry form. Use the Back button to go back two pages; I find that my original text is usually still there in the form.