Weekly WPI System Dynamics Digest: Keeping people in the loop

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Weekly WPI System Dynamics Digest: Keeping people in the loop

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Hello, WPI SD Mailing List.

Feel free to share this digest. Colleagues can self-subscribe to this mailing list using the button below:

Have a work-in-process project and want to share it in a WPI Collective Learning Meeting (CLM) on Fridays Noon-1PM ET (Boston time)? Check the schedule, guidelines and requirements (recording is optional) in the link below:

Share Your Work in Progress

Model Review Requests
Prof. Khalid Saeed (saeed@wpi.edu)'s
People Express
Prof. Saeed will use this in his undergrad course SS 1505: Games for Understanding Complexity
"Fishy" Banks: A Game about Human Trafficking
Developed by two WPI undergrad students
Advised by Prof. Saeed and Prof. Renata Konrad
Francisco "Paco" Araujo's
MIES Project model which investigates the dynamics of research, knowledge, and understanding
Arctic Social-Environmental System model which he built as a result of the International System Dynamics Conference (ISDC) 2020 workshop "Peace Engineering in the Arctic: Accommodating diverse interests in a changing environment"
New Papers
Prof. Saeed's working paper "Why Forrester wished to replace both differential equations and economics?"
Drs Özge Karanfil and John Sterman's "'Saving lives or harming the healthy?' Overuse and fluctuations in routine medical screening" paper in the System Dynamics Review is available for early view
The System Dynamics Society
Updated their career link/job opportunities page.
Student Chapter requests feedback on the SD Colloquium
WPI System Dynamics Open Office Hours will now be called Peer Tutoring Session. This is a new CLM initiative where attendees help each other on modeling problems. Last WPI SD Open Office Hours notes. Email ctang@wpi.edu if you have a time constraint, else we will follow a first in, first out (FIFO) aka first come, first serve queuing discipline. I removed the 15 min sign-up slots because they were misleading. Q&A for a person could take less than 15 min. The session is open to the public (not a 15 min slot with just that person and WPI professors, staff and teaching assistants)
For other System Dynamics news, we refer you to the latest news section on the System Dynamics Society's home page. Here is the link to past WPI System Dynamics Digests
Listen to or read the transcripts to SD-cast's "What is your SDory?" series using the button below:
SD-cast: What is your SDory?
SD-cast is also available on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts

COVID News/Resources
Drs. Ali Asgary and Mahdi M. Najafabadi's "Drive Through Mass Vaccination Sim for COVID-19" Agent-Based and Discrete-Event Simulation model was the AnyLogic model of the month
Prof. Jeroen Struben's "The coronavirus disease (COVID‐19) pandemic: simulation‐based assessment of outbreak responses and postpeak strategies"
Dr. Raafat Zaini's presentation videos:
"Simulating the COVID19 Pandemic a Facebook Live AMA with special guest Raafat Zaini on 9/18/2020."
"Simulating Pandemic Responses"
"COVID-10 The Systems Thinking Way: Dynamic Behavior & Feedback Structures Perspective"
Professors Julie Swann and Pinar Keskinocak presented "How to Model 'Diseases' and Use those Models to Drive Timely Decisions and Actions that Produce Rapid Benefits." Prof. Keskinocak presented an Agent-Based model
Prof. Kim Warren released version 4 of his COVID-19 model and created a short course explaining the model
Prof. Navid Ghaffarzadegan's "Simulation-Based What-If Analysis for Controlling the Spread of Covid-19 in Universities" article is available online
AnyLogic blog post on "COVID-19 and Simulation" has videos and links to other posts on System Dynamics and Agent-Based Models
Apply your systems understanding & problem-solving skills in full-scale complexity, where it matters. Come help today, join with Yaneer Bar-Yam to end the pandemic at http://EndCoronavirus.org. Humanity will be glad you did. - Tomás Gutiérrez
Join The Modeling and Simulation Coronavirus Pandemic Task Force
Join the COVID-19 Resources (Systems Community) Facebook group
For more COVID-19 modeling resources. see
System Dynamics Society's COVID-19 page
CDC spreadsheet-based tools for:
state and local policy makers to compare different contact tracing strategies
hospital admins and public health officials to estimate demand
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine's resources page. They released the Framework for Equitable Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine report in early Oct
The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics' (SIAM) Mathematical Resources to Help Understand COVID-19 page
INFORMS' Information on COVID-19 and Pandemics page
The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)'s Coronavirus Resource & Response page
Feel free to add videos to this COVID-19 simulation models playlist

Job Opportunities
Adjunct Part-Time Faculty in System Dynamics
Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Social Science and Policy Studies Department
Positions filled on an add needed basis
Start dates vary by course and semester
More details
Assistant, Associate and Full Professor (tenure track) in Systems Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
More details
Assistant, Associate and Full Professor (tenure track) positions in systems modeling and simulation
Naval Postgraduate School's Operations Research Department
Application Review Begins: Oct 1
Application Deadline: Dec 1
More details
Purdue University's Purdue Systems Collaboratory and College of Engineering
Full-time, Academic Year (9 month)
Job Begins: Jan 2021
More details
Research Associate
Case Western University's Center for Community Health Integration
More details
Assistant, Associate and Full Professor
Case Western University's Center for Community Health Integration
More details
Assistant, Associate and Full Professor
Texas Tech University's Department of Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering
Preferred Deadline: Sun, Nov 15
More details
Assistant, Associate and Full Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology's Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
More details
Management Consultants specializing in system dynamics and advanced analytics
Sage Analysis Group
1-page overview
More details
Research Associate
Systems Engineering Research Center
More details
See the SD Society's Career Link page which has more job postings

Upcoming System Dynamics/Dynamical Systems/Systems Thinking Events
Climate Interactive's "How to Facilitate a World Climate Simulation"
Tue, Oct 20th 11AM - Noon EDT (Boston time)
Registration and details
Insight Maker Office Hours
Wed, Oct 21st 2PM - 3PM (Boston time)
Google Meet link
Wright State University's IISE and the IISE Indiana Professional Chapter hosts Kevin Nortrup
"An Introduction to Systems & How We Think of Them"
Thu, Oct 22nd 7PM (Boston time)
Registration and details
WPI System Dynamics Collective Learning Meeting
Fri, Oct 23rd Noon - 1PM (Boston time)
Details TBA
XVIII Latin American System Dynamics Conference (CLADS2020)
Oct 26 - 30th
The System Dynamics Society (SDS) hosts Prof. Jason Jay
The Fish Banks Seminar
Thu, Oct 29th 10AM - 1PM (Boston time)
Free for SDS members / $25 for non-members
Registration and details
Note: Daylight Savings Time ends Sun, Nov 1
The Waters Center for Systems Thinking's Studio Series
6 sessions on Tuesdays, Nov 10 - Dec 15
Nov 10, 17, 24
Dec 1, 8, 15
Leading for Impactful Change
9AM - 11AM PDT // 11AM - 1PM EST (Boston time)
Introduction to Systems Thinking
2PM - 4PM PDT // 4PM - 6PM (Boston time)
Registration and details
The Waters Center hosts free open sessions on various topics
The System Dynamics Society (SDS) hosts Dr. Linda Booth Sweeney
Online Hacks for The Systems Thinking Playbook Games: A Community Conversation
Thu, Nov 12th 11AM (Boston time)
Free for SDS members / $25 for non-members
Registration and details
One World Dynamics Seminars
Monthly Dynamical Systems (DS) seminars
2nd Friday of each month
Two Talks
9-9:45 AM (Boston time) Talk towards a general DS audience, "set[s] the scene for the"
9:45-10:30AM (Boston time) Specialized talk
Fri, Nov 13th: Multiscale dynamical systems
9:00 AM (Boston time) Prof. Alexander Mielke will present "Convergence for multiscale gradient systems with applications to fast-slow reaction systems"
9:45 AM (Boston time) Prof. Riccarda Rossi will present "Balanced viscosity solutions to (multi)rate-independent systems"
Registration and details
University of Hull's Centre for System Studies Seminar: Re-appraising Alexander Bogdanov's Contribution to Systems Thinking
Wed, Nov 18th 11:30AM - 1:30PM (Boston time)
Registration and details
Various Systems Thinking Events

Call for Papers/Abstracts/Grants
Simulation Modeling and Systems Science to Address Health Disparities Grant
Expiration date: May 8th, 2023
More details
Special Issue of Industrial and Corporate Change (IIC) on Marco Economics and Development
Deadline: No fixed deadline. Early Oct would be ideal
Announcement and submission information
11th Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
Deadline: Thu, Oct 30th
Conference website
Health Care Management Science Special Issue on Management Science in the Fight Against COVID-19
Deadline: Sat, Oct 31st,
Call for papers page
Journal of the Operational Research Society Special Issue on Operational Research in times of crises: Experiences with COVID-19
Deadline: Sun, Nov 1st
Special issue information
2021 IISE Annual Conference & Expo - Modeling & Simulation Track
Deadline: Sun, Nov 15th
Call for abstracts page
SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (DS21)
Deadline for Minisymposium Proposal: Mon, Nov 23rd
Deadline for Contributed Lecture, Poster and Minisymposium Presentation Abstracts: Mon, Dec 7th
Submissions & Deadlines page
Socio-Economic Planning Sciences Special Issue on Food Loss and Waste Management During COVID-19: Exploring the Major Challenges and Future Directions along the Food Supply Chain
Deadline: Thu, Dec 31st
Call for papers page
10th OR Society Simulation Workshop 2021 (SW21)
Deadline for posters: Tue, Jan 12th
Call for Papers page
SIAM conference on Control and Its Applications (CT21)
Deadline for Minisymposium Proposal: Wed, Jan 13th
Deadline for Contributed Lecture, Poster and Minisymposium Presentation Abstracts: Wed, Feb 3rd
Submissions & Deadlines page
Other Upcoming Events
AnyLogic Events
University of Cincinnati Data Science Symposium 2020
Tue, Oct 20, 27 from 12PM - 2:30PM EDT (Boston time)
More details
Columbia University's Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) - Decision, Risk and Operations (DRO) Seminar Series
Tue, Oct 20, 27 from 1:10PM - 2:10PM EDT
More details
IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2020
Nov 1st - 3rd
University of Hong Kong's Systems Analytics Global Leaders' Seminar
Wed, Nov 4th 10PM HKT // 9AM EST (Boston time)
Presenter: Prof. Stefan Minner
Presentation Title: A Data-Driven Approach to Strategic Inventory Placement in Multi-Echelon Networks
Free and open to public
More details
2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting
Nov 7th - 13th
Winter Simulation Conference 2020
Dec 14th - 18th
11th Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
Mar 9th - 11th
Conference website
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