Congratulations to Ed Anderson

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Congratulations to Ed Anderson

Post by John Sterman » Wed Apr 10, 2002 8:47 am

Im delighted to report that Prof. Edward G. Anderson, Assistant
professor of Management at The McCombs School of Business, University
of Texas at Austin, has won the "Wick Skinner Early Career Award"
given by the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS).
The Skinner Award is given by POMS to the most outstanding young
(untenured) scholar working in the field of operations management.
Ed was the unanimous choice of the award selection committee.

Ed received his Ph.D. in system dynamics with a focus on operations
management at the MIT Sloan School; the research for which he was
cited applies system dynamics to important problems in operations,
including the management of service supply chains and
knowledge-intensive industries such as machine tools and
semiconductor equipment suppliers.

In their citation, the Skinner Award committee noted:

"Prof. Anderson has demonstrated excellence in several areas in his
career so far. He has a strong theoretical background, as evidenced
by his research. We are particularly impressed by "The Non-Stationary
Staff Planning Problem with Business Cycle and Learning effects,"
Management Science, 2001 and by "Capacity and Backlog Management in
Service-Oriented Supply Chains," to be presented at the 2002 POMS
Conference in San Francisco.

In his research, the committee appreciates the perspective Prof.
Anderson adds to operations management with insights gleaned from
organizational science and
economics. Eds record reflects the fact that he is an industrious
scholar who pursues rigorous research to address important managerial
problems. He has a good mix of strong problem orientation and
theory-backed inquiry. His work demonstrates the kind of detail and
depth that we believe is necessary for a sustained scholarly career
in operations.

Prof. Anderson also demonstrates understanding and interest in
applied problems, as shown by his grants from SAP and HP and by his
continuing interaction with companies....

Prof. Anderson makes excellent contributions to his schools teaching
program. He teaches a variety of courses, and he has been nominated
for teaching awards.

Finally, Prof. Anderson is very active in professional societies,
especially POMS. Having four papers in POMS is a significant
achievement for someone at his stage.

We are pleased to honor Prof. Anderson as the recipient of the Wick
Skinner Early Career Award.

--Cheryl Gaimon, Paul Kleindorfer and Joe Thomas"

Besides the achievements cited by the Skinner committee, Ed is active
in the system dynamics society, for example, organizing the "System
Dynamics Winter Camp" and presenting his work at the annual SD

Congratulations to Ed for this honor. He can be reached at Edward
Anderson <>.

John Sterman
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John Sterman
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Congratulations to Ed Anderson

Post by John Sterman » Thu Apr 24, 2003 5:21 pm

Im delighted to tell you all that Ed Anderson (Sloan system dynamics
group alum and Prof. at the University of Texas in Austin) has just won not
one, but TWO awards from UT: The Trammell/CBA Foundation Teaching
Award for Assistant Professors and the College of Business
Administration CBA Foundation Research Excellence Award for Assistant
Professors. As the citation said,

"Your selection reflects the high regard in which you are held by
students and colleagues, and it is a signal honor for you to be
recognized simultaneously for your achievements in both teaching and research."

Congratulations to Ed!

John Sterman
From: John Sterman <jsterman@MIT.EDU>