Call for Proposals and Ideas

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Call for Proposals and Ideas

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Dear SD fellows,

this is a call for proposals and ideas of how to further develop the
SD-related minitrack at HICSS.


As many of you may remember, at the Hawaiian International Conference on
System Sciences (HICSS) a minitrack focusing on and featuring System
Dynamics papers and SD-related work was established two years ago. HICSS
along with ICIS, which both have a global reach, are the two most
influential and attended annual conferences of their kind. HICSS is always
held on one of the Hawaiian islands in the first two weeks of January.

Over the past two years this SD related minitrack (underneath the Decision
Technologies in Management Track) has not only brought SD people from around
the world together, but also seems to have helped increase both the interest
in and appreciation of System Dynamics as a discipline among scholars of
other fields. At the upcoming conference, as an addition to the minitrack,
there will be a workshop on the dynamics of world politics chaired by Bill
Mills. A number of system dynamicists have already indicated their
willingness to participate at this workshop in January.

As George Richardson pointed out earlier this year, this "little flower" of
a minitrack is worthwhile of being grown and nurtured, particularly, since
it also alternates nicely with the International System Dynamics Conference
which is usually held in July. With its 12 to 15 papers, the minitrack is no
competitive quantitative threat to ISDC at all. Actually, each may provide a
good opportunity to the other for presenting updates on work in progress.
The benefits of maintaining a SD foothold at a major conference dedicated to
the broad field of system sciences with a bulk of good SD papers seem to be

Proposals and Ideas Sought

* How should this minitrack be further developed?
* What topical areas should the minitrack focus on?
* What other modeling approaches, if any, should this minitrack
provide a forum for and a dialogue with?
* How can we secure a sufficient number of high-quality SD
contributions to ths minitrack?
* What other ideas shall be considered?

Please respond either over the listserv or to me directly (I will post a
summary of responses back onto the listserv).

Thank you for your help!

Hans J. (Jochen) Scholl
Modeling Nonlinear Natural and Human Systems Minitrack
Decision Technologies in Management Track
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