Happy New Year and List Protocol

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Bob Eberlein
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Happy New Year and List Protocol

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Hi Everyone,

Happy new year. The list has gone quiet lately, it does that
from time to time, so I wanted to post something to let you know
you are still subscribed.

Reminders on protocol.

1. The topics need to be related to system dynamics.

2. Strive for brevity.

3. Always be polite.

4. If you want to refer to anothers message quote one or
two lines of the message do not include the entire thing.

5. If you want to post an informational query you need to
explain why you are making the query (what project you
are working on).

6. No advertising except that job openings, new product
introductions and conferences may be announced.

7. If I do not think something is appropriate for the list or
a topic has been beaten to death I will not post the message.
If you dont see a message and you think it should be posted
send it again and I will reconsider and post it or let you
know my reasoning.

8. There are lots of bounced addresses and some fail persistently
for a while even though they shouldnt. If this happens the
addresses get dropped. If you think you have been inadvertantly
unsubscribed send me a note and I will check it.

Bob Eberlein