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Andrew Hill has been a director/consultant in Ventana Systems UK since 2000. Prior to co-founding Ventana System UK, Andy spent 10 years as a defence analyst, working across a broad spectrum of projects, from manpower recruitment & retention to a complete tri-service analysis of the UK defence equipment requirements.

Whilst with Ventana, Andrew’s focus has been within the health & pharmaceutical sector, evaluating demographics of drug utilization trends from national prescription databases, patient flow analysis and international drug pricing strategies.

Andrew delivers Vensim/SD workshops to both commercial and academic organizations to teach others the System Dynamics methodology and advanced application of the Vensim software suite

His systems approach to tackling problems allows him to concentrate on the important & practical issues, and not be side tracked by issues not central to the problem solving requirements.


Vensim, System Dynamics, Business Dynamics, Healthcare Analytics, Pharmaceutical Modelling


Developing Business Simulation tools and broad based operational analysis to a range of UK & overseas clients.  Simulations have predominantly been developed using Vensim software.

  • Transition effects of relocation on corporate efficiency

Manufacturing & Logistics

  • Distribution Warehouse simulation model for a leading UK logistics company
  • Manufacturing and retail modelling for global corporation.


  • 3G Mobile Technology Strategy Simulator interface design & development.


  • Natural Gas Supply Demand modelling for multinational oil company
  • SD modelling of health & safety monitoring on oil exploration platforms


  • Modelling Study of the EU Recovery Plan for North Sea Cod
  • Multispecies fisheries modelling


  • Modelling US pharmaceutical usage and disease management.
  • Global pricing model for pharmaceutical products
  • Demographic trend modelling of national prescription database


  • Demand forcasting for global drinks manufacturer


  • Modelling long-term strategic options for air traffic management
  • Data management software development for European air traffic economic performance simulation


  • Patient level Business Intelligence models for healthcare market insights


  • Excel simulation of future frigate accommodation requirements
  • Recruitment and human resource management
  • Manpower modelling of UK Armed Forces
  • Optimum force mix of UK combat aircraft
  • Resource tasking of UK Navy surface assets
  • SD simulation war-game of manoeuvre warfare
  • UK Navy manpower retention relationships to UK economy
  • Design & development of a SD model of “coherence” in the battlefield
  • SD model of air defence penetration and validation study against the Gulf War


  • Provision of System Dynamics (SD) training
  • Provision of technical advice and quality assurance of simulation models