Ventana® helps organisations in complex environments make better decisions through a combination of high-quality models and advanced treatment of data.

Our models have informed the highest-stakes decisions in organisations. Ventana is unique in creating and deploying robust, comprehensive models of a complex environment for strategic visibility and control.

Ventana® models leverage the collective intelligence of an organisation’s people and experience to determine which choices are most likely to improve performance, and why. By converting mountains of information into clear, compelling stories rooted firmly in both data and experience, they help decision makers to understand the best path forward, and to communicate that path to the organisation.

Our modelling approach:

  • Is transparent and inclusive, enabling rapid capture of expert knowledge and inclusion in the “corporate view” with full trace-ability using unique “Causal Tracing” features of the Vensim® software. Managers are able to understand the models and actively contribute to the knowledge embedded within.
  • Is an ideal knowledge management tool enabling continuous learning and improvement in the understanding of current and new concepts, corporate policies and industry behaviour.
  • Is iterative, enabling rapid prototyping and achieving valuable outcomes in the shortest period possible.
  • Contributes intelligently to learning and planning within the organisation.  Our models include all important resource and psychological factors, and intelligently use all available information.  The models forecast the effect of policy choices on outcomes and are used in such diverse problems as allocating resources across subsidiaries and products, predicting consumer behaviour, identifying hidden operating problems, anticipating project delay and quality, building consensus for sustainable development, and optimising R&D investment. Each model connects management’s levers for possible action with the indicators of desired success, such as profitability, growth, or reduced risk.

Most clients are private, but public applications have been created for the government and other research establishments where we often create fundamentally new decision support architectures.

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