Basic course

Vensim Training Workshop – Basic

This two-day workshop will provide a basic understanding of the System Dynamics methodology using Vensim. It is a practical, hands-on workshop allowing you to develop your first simulation under expert guidance.

Following an overview of System Dynamics concepts of cause-and-effect, feedback and delays, the use of Causal Loop Diagrams (CLD) and Stock & Flow Diagrams (SFD), the tutor will guide you through the use of the Vensim package. Such concepts as Monte-Carlo simulation, optimisation and subscripts will be briefly mentioned and demonstrated (see the Advanced Workshop for further details)

On day 2, you will put these new skills to good use through the development of a model of your own.

The cost of this workshop is £735 plus VAT.

Vensim Training – Taster

Attend the first day of the basic workshop to provide an overview of Vensim, with practical, hands-on model building.

The cost of this taster day is £425 plus VAT.